This robust online legal magazine offers plenty of legal news and industry information. Your online content is categorized by industry and region and is constantly updated throughout the day to keep you up to date with the latest changes. Technology is constantly evolving. Lawyers who don`t stay on the cutting edge of legal technology miss out on incredible tools and powerful solutions that support their work. The following blogs do the heavy lifting by investigating, examining, and reporting notable innovations and trends. Here`s a quick post on a constitutional issue I`ve avoided in this blog: the electoral system. NEW: Gone are the days when law firms dominated the legal industry. Today`s reality is a mosaic: firms, corporate legal departments and other legal service providers are on the ground to meet the needs of legal consumers. That`s what legal counsel Mark Cohen writes. Cohen has „an unwavering commitment to studying the impact of what customers and the market are saying,“ says Flaherty.

The American Bar Association`s flagship magazine, the renowned ABA Journal, offers a comprehensive overview of the current U.S. legal landscape. When you`re done with the latest news, check out the „Members who inspire“ section for a wellness boost. The view of this blog, as you may know, is more skeptical. Legal Reader is a legal news blog with an uncompromising philosophy. They focus on protecting consumers from corporate abuse, making them a great resource for legal news junkies and corporate law specialists. The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) blog is a great way to learn more about best practices in legal transactions. They regularly publish high-quality articles, and their website is a one-stop shop for conference information and data-driven reports on the latest trends in the field. Year after year, readers praise this blog, which focuses on international legal assistance. „This blog is a painless way to keep track of developments in international family law,“ says Carolyn West, a Miami-based attorney.

The blog is „extremely useful for my work in foreign litigation,“ says Laurel Fresquez, 2L at Harvard Law School who clerked in the Justice Department`s Office of Foreign Litigation this summer. „Ted Folkman is knowledgeable and has excellent legal theories that have sparked debate in my office.“ As superhero and sci-fi movies and television become increasingly popular, this blog explores Hollywood project and comic book stories for potential legal issues. Blogger and podcaster Joshua Gilliland`s reputation is only growing: he co-hosted panels at San Diego Comic Con (for the third time) and San Francisco Comic Con this year. Gilliland`s favorite areas of practice seem to be the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises and Marvel comics. Casey Flaherty, Legal Operations Consultant and Director at Procertas and Blogger at 3 Geeks and a Legal Blog This resource provides fascinating profiles and philosophies from business consultants from around the world. Vanguard does a great job of sharing different stories that often feature people with underrepresented backgrounds in law, including women and members of the LGBTQ+ community. As this blog has already noted, those who mock Raab for not understanding human rights are wrong. Ross Intelligence „is perhaps the most famous name in legal technology, helping to shine a light on other technologies and founders as we try to change misconceptions and biases surrounding legal technology,“ said Jonathan Marciano, director of communications at LawGeex. The blog offers interesting interviews with pioneers of legal technology.

Ambrogi says no bloggers report on access to justice issues like Washington, D.C., attorney Richard Zorza. Richard Posner made the plight of litigants a cause célèbre when he abruptly resigned from the U.S. 7th Court of Appeals in Chicago in September. This „could open up a whole front in access to justice,“ Zorza wrote on the blog. Check out his blog to see what`s going on. If you love legal philosophy, you`ll love this thought-provoking blog by Lawrence Solum, a law professor at the University of Virginia. Solum breaks down complex aspects of legal theory such as virtue ethics, legal positivism, legal realism, and neoformalism, giving you new perspectives to appreciate and understand the world of law. When Dominic Raab left the Ministry of Justice when Elizabeth Truss became Prime Minister, the blog teased that the Human Rights Bill was still there and that Raab was not. Criminal cases can dominate newspaper headlines, but it is harder to find insightful content about them written by and for lawyers. These blogs deal with these often dramatic and complex topics with specialized knowledge. In this series, we seek to understand how the humanitarian sector, traditionally outside the climate policy ecosystem, has no choice but to intervene in the global climate crisis.

While many law firm blogs focus solely on their own legal ads and specialties, others offer an impressive collection of legal content. In these leading lawyer blogs, you can discover expert opinions, legal research papers, and even new trends. Donna Ballman`s blog offers clear words and comprehensive information for those who are unsure of the state of the law regarding their employment dilemmas. This year, she published helpful articles that answered hurricane-related questions: Are you eligible for disaster assistance if you lost your job due to a hurricane? Does the Occupational Health and Safety Act protect workers from unsafe working conditions after the hurricane? Will I get paid if a hurricane paralyzes my office? Legal Desire is a beautifully designed website with a wide range of global content, including contributions from over 350 law firms and in-house teams.