Many activists and feminists argue that prostitution, whether voluntary or not, is a form of violence against women. Over the past decade, the country has become known as the „brothel of Europe,“ The Guardian reported. A 2011 United Nations survey found it to be the third largest prostitution capital in the world after Thailand and Puerto Rico. Here are some laws related to prostitution in India: The main reason for prostitution is poverty and unemployment. Nowadays, there is so much poverty that encourages people to engage in prostitution. Due to unemployment, many people opt for prostitution in order to earn some money with this work. This is obvious and one of the main disadvantages of prostitution is that it has a bad influence on children by seeing prostitution without restriction. Women who work legally enjoy enormous benefits: better access to health care, protection from abusive clients, and protection from exploitation. Antwerp apparently has one of the best brothels in Europe, equipped with its own police station and high-tech sensors. Legalizing prostitution would make the lives of sex workers better and more beneficial.

According to a BBC investigation, it has been found that if sex workers demand that clients use condoms, they will not do so and will act cruelly against the workers. This leads to dangerous sexual intercourse, due to which there is a significant level of diseases such as HIV / AIDS and various diseases. Legalization would require clients to use condoms and sex workers would also be able to perform normal screening for the equivalent. Legalization would benefit not only individuals and sex workers, but also the state. Imposing taxes on brothels would reduce interest rates and thus bring a salary to the state. It is estimated that prostitution causes 21 lakh crore on an annual premise. At the point where costs are high, customers also fall, and if interest decreases, it would fall into such exercises. As Richard Posner has pointed out, when such exercises are imposed, interest in similar exercises decreases.

The higher the costs, the lower the interest rates. As he suggests, tax avoidance or value seizure is the best response to crime. It would also reduce brutality, i.e. trade, attack, etc. The United Nations Development Programme released a report on illicit sex work in Asia and the Pacific last year, highlighting how criminalizing sex work can harm women`s health. He said: Illegal street prostitutes could be pressured by pimps and clients to stop using condoms. But states that legalize prostitution can force sex workers to use condoms and get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Advocating for the decriminalization of sex work means advocating for personal autonomy, LGBTQ+ and women`s rights, incarceration, immigrant rights, racial justice, and equal access to the right to life and security.

In addition to decriminalization, there are other steps legislators, lawyers, prosecutors and researchers can take to protect the rights of sex workers. The criminalization of prostitution does not eliminate it. It drives him underground, endangers women and gives customers an unfair advantage. An ex-prostitute in Italy, where prostitution is illegal, told me about women who were beaten by their clients when they demanded payment. She had horrific stories of women being threatened with knives. She told me about a Nigerian prostitute who was allegedly killed by a client. This is an extreme case, but the fact remains that the criminalization of prostitution brings women into the power of their clients. And we know how absolute power can corrupt absolutely. The benefits of legalizing prostitution do not extend only to those involved in the sex industry. Keeping brothels legally and publicly operated also generates significant revenue for the state. The situation of many sex workers in the Netherlands has improved considerably since the implementation of new reforms and regulations.

The legalization of sex work requires sex industry businesses to comply with labor laws. However, the legalization of prostitution has had positive benefits for sex workers across Europe. The best-known country that has legalized prostitution is the Netherlands, where sex work has been legal for nearly two decades. Taking the industry out of the black market and imposing strict regulations has improved the safety of sex workers. Brothels must obtain and renew safety and health licenses to operate, and street prostitution is legal and highly regulated in places like the Red Light District. Not only does sex work become safer when regulated, but legalization also helps eliminate the black market in prostitution and make women safer overall. In addition, sex workers are not labeled criminals, so they have better access to the legal system and are encouraged to report behaviours that pose a danger to themselves and other women in the industry. Finally, the legalization of sex work will bring many other positive externalities, including tax revenues, the reduction of sexually transmitted diseases, and the redistribution of law enforcement resources. Pimps have this kind of illegal prostitute in their power because women can`t find a way to help. In addition, they do not have as easy access to health care as legal workers. Although a charity in Antwerp provides free medical care to illegal sex workers, some of these women did not feel safe accepting help. So why is the reaction to such a dangerous industry to push it further underground away from social resources and legal protection? However, a spokesperson for CATS (Committee of Support for Sex Workers), a charity based in southeastern Spain, warned that criminalizing prostitution would only drive sex work even further underground.

If one of the persons is caught trafficking in women`s children for the purpose of prostitution, he or she will be punished. If a person engages in prostitution with free choice, will it be legal? Some of the groups involved in prostitution said that many sex workers prostitute themselves with their choice.