However, RLDF coordinated legal briefs and official letters for Reyes, including a letter denouncing climate fraud investigations, and Reyes and at least two of his employees attended at least six national RAGA meetings. [26] The contribution to RAGA gives pharmaceutical companies „access to those who determine their legal – and therefore financial – destiny. Their donations bring them benefits such as the „ability to conduct private briefings,“ perhaps to settle for less. [24] Contributions to RAGA and DAGA (the Association of Democratic Attorneys General) „began to increase in 2015 as prosecutions became more likely.“ [24] An association of senior Republican law enforcement officials has set up a secret message board called the Briefing Room, which allows major donors to help shape legal policy, according to records reviewed by MapLight and The Intercept. RAGA often receives funding from companies that have a legal interest in the results decided by GOP AG. [5] [6] RAGA was founded in 1999[2] by „a handful of conservative officials“ who were „reluctant to sue big business.“ [1] As of February 2022, South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson was president of RAGA, and 27 attorneys general were listed on RAGA`s website. [3] Purdue Pharma donated $60,250 to RAGA in 2018, which is above the $50,000 threshold required to access „information sessions“: one-on-one meetings with Republican attorneys general. Receive invitations to dinners with attorneys general and access messages in the RAGA Information Room, a „secret online bulletin board“ that „allows major donors to help shape legal policy.“ [24] RAGA provides companies with access to GOP AG which corresponds to the amount of money they give. According to a 2014 document titled „Membership Benefits“ obtained by The New York Times, $25,000 or more allows corporate donors to shape legal policy through a „RAGA online briefing room,“ and $125,000 a year allows them to conduct „private briefings“ with GOP attorneys general.

As the New York Times put it, „more money means more access.“ [4] In July 2016, RAGA „held private and secret meetings with fossil fuel industry lobbyists in July to coordinate ExxonMobil ahead of a review as the company faced an ongoing investigation into allegations that it had deliberately misled the public and its own shareholders about the evidence of climate change.“ [6] [7] Above photo: President Donald Trump poses with the National Association of Attorneys General in the White House State Dining Room, Washington, D.C., Feb. 28, 2017. RAGA raised $4.9 million in the second quarter, slightly more than the $4.8 million raised in the first quarter. $200,000 went to Iowa Republican attorney general candidate Brenna Bird. $15,000 was paid to Georgia AG outgoing president Chris Carr, who stepped down as national president of RAGA after „very conflicting views on the significance of the events of January 6.“ $5,000 was paid to Raul Labrador, the Republican candidate for Idahos AG. [9] RAGA added another weapon to its arsenal of paid groups designed to influence attorneys general and national politics: the Center for Law and Policy (CLP), the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) reported first. [11] RAGA relies on financial support from its donors to fund advertisements, mail, and media to elect Republican candidates for attorney general. These offices were created as a result of the recent Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women`s Health, which ended federal abortion rights and made abortion access subject to state law, is at the forefront of the abortion battle. Attorneys general will play a crucial role in deciding how restrictive abortion laws should be enforced or defended. Republican attorneys general have also played a key role in supporting efforts to suppress voters and block climate action.

Emails sent in 2016 by former RLDF Chair Samantha Dravis, who currently heads the EPA`s Political Bureau, shed light on what is being shared in RAGA`s briefing room. When an employer develops and follows internal procedures, the Compliance, Safety and Health Officer (OCHU) should assess whether the internal procedures represent recognized and generally accepted good technical practices. Like all employers who comply with the PPP standard, an employer using internal procedures such as RAGAGEP is required by 1910.119(d)(3)(ii) to document that its equipment complies with recognized and generally accepted good technical practices.