What kind of Tokyo? Japan`s GDP is $4.116 trillion and is the third largest economy in the world. This makes Tokyo a hub for international business, especially in the legal sector. The in-house research of multinational companies and Japanese companies continues to occupy us as companies in a number of industries are still trying to increase the size of their legal departments, including many companies hiring in-house lawyers for the first time. Our experience in investing in-house lawyers – qualified Japanese and foreign – is extensive and growing, and we have nearly a decade of success in all sectors – technology, manufacturing, life sciences, retail and professional services. As the largest legal recruitment team in Japan, our size allows us to present relevant and ready-made individuals and multiple candidates for critical roles with many options. Please visit the pages for employers and job seekers to learn more about our services for Inhouse Corporate. All the case studies presented here are examples of our market knowledge. We have the largest and most experienced legal recruitment and compliance team in Japan. Read more The private practice market in Tokyo continues to evolve. International businesses are more specialized than they were a decade ago and are under increased pressure from home offices to be profitable.

Local businesses are feeling the stress of rising costs and a shrinking domestic market that is forcing them to become more for-profit and do business better. As a result, the Japanese legal market has reached a level of maturity where only best practices and the sharpest minds will survive, meeting the ever-changing needs of their clients with increased efficiency. Just Legal has been more successful and has more knowledge of Tokyo`s private practice world than anyone else and we are better served to guide you through the market. Please visit the pages for employers and job seekers to learn more about our specialized services in private practice. What does the legal sector look like? Foreign-trained and qualified candidates with Japanese language skills are always in high demand. There is an increased demand for world-class lawyers with experience in arbitration, corporate mergers and acquisitions, corporate energy and project finance, even without language skills. Global companies based in Tokyo are always looking for qualified foreign lawyers to complete their team. It is also true that internal roles are always required for lawyers who can speak in their native language and draft contracts. Nexus Legal is a leading executive search firm operating in a multinational market and has successfully placed candidates in the world`s top law firms. We operate on more than 6 continents and can tailor your job search to your skills and experience.

Our goal of our highly experienced senior consultants is to find the perfect job for their candidates and thus find the best candidates for the world`s largest law firms. This growing field is becoming the cornerstone of financial and entrepreneurial sustainability. Regulatory and compliance restrictions abroad are unlikely to ease anytime soon. The market suffers from a constant shortage of qualified candidates and, therefore, hiring requires a conscious strategy that takes into account the potential needs of the future, not just the immediate needs. Similarly, compliance professionals need to keep up with the rapid pace of change in today`s marketplace so they don`t get out of sync in the future. Please visit the pages for employers and job seekers to learn more about our specialized compliance services. Wasting time means missed opportunities, whether you`re hiring someone for a key role in your company or considering a new position yourself. You can expect Just Legal to fully understand your specific needs and provide you with accurate, realistic and thoughtful options without wasting your time on irrelevant matches. We have a proven track record of conducting complex middle to senior executive searches and managers for international and Japanese clients. Our industry knowledge, unique methodology and approach to recruitment have allowed us to achieve consistent results for our clients and candidates and differentiate ourselves from other agencies. Just Legal currently offers recruitment services, career counseling and career opportunities in the following areas: What about work-life balance? There is a provocative attitude of „work hard, play hard“ in Tokyo, but this hard work brings many benefits. Annual salaries in Tokyo are much higher compared to London markets.

In Japan, salaries take into account the cost of living and housing allowances. In addition, they have more holidays in Japan than in the UK and Australia. Because „Golden Week“ in Japan means that everyone has 5 days off. To speak to one of our directors, David Warburton, call +44 203 984 6565 One of our friendly clients passed our name on to another company`s HR manager. He said they were struggling to adopt a significant attitude. read more We are not focused on sales, KPIs or goals. Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship of trust with our clients and candidates by providing reliable and honest advice. Our unique recruitment methodology ensures effective searches. Our process typically allows for the introduction of 5~10 suitable and qualified candidates within 48 hours of receiving assignments. Although the banking and financial market has become smaller in the last decade, it remains important, and when a bank or financial institution needs to hire a lawyer, they come to us to get our knowledge of the market and the best professionals in it.

No one knows Tokyo`s in-house banking and financial market better than we do, and much of our financial research is exclusive to Just Legal. When you represent Just Legal as a lawyer, you often have access to opportunities that no other agent has, and as a hiring manager, you have access to every possible target candidate. Please visit the Employer and Job Seeker pages to learn more about our financial services. Learn more about our previous research and how we perform our services.