In the line of each sentence, write the correct form of who, who or who, according to the rules of standard formal usage. Then specify the pronoun case by writing NNN for the nomination case, OOO for objective case, or PPP for possessive case. There was no one at the meeting — was willing to serve as chair. The poem begins with a simple country scene „under the branches of apple trees“, but there are allusions to kings. What is Thomas` intention in creating this juxtaposition? CHARITY: PITOYABLE :: a. Order: Chaos B. Emotion: Happiness c. Select: Choose D. Acceptable: Forbidden Each of the following sentences has no subordinate conjunction. First, decide what the relationship is between the stand-alone clause and the subordinate clause. Then.

Choose a child conjunction that clearly shows this relationship. In 1994, Germany banned the production of CFCs ____ Ozone depletion could be avoided.